How To Design A Smart Barbecue Wok?

- Nov 18, 2017-

To make a product intelligent, the first thing to do is to analyze the existing products in the market unsatisfactory. Wang at the scene of the event listed the barbecue in the design of the existing barbecue equipment inspected the shortcomings:


1. Large oil fume, not easy to clean;

2. Too big and heavy, difficult to carry;

3. Complex operation, the requirements of personal skills too high;

4. A single type of food can be cooked.

For the above shortcomings, their team in the design of the barbecue wok made a targeted improvement.


First of all, the Wang definition of this barbecue equipment is a similar to a rice cooker closed equipment, it uses environmentally friendly smoke-free barbecue, making this barbecue wok will not appear smoke pollution. And because the location is a family barbecue, so this equipment is not large, very convenient to move.

The second is an attempt at intelligence, where there are several interesting points. Like app control, JJ team design can do real-time monitoring temperature, operation barbecue wok status. It's not uncommon, but what if it's combined with recipes? JJ Team envisioned the final product form is the network share barbecue recipes, such as "Chicken leg barbecue", the menu will contain all the heat control, in the "cooked" when the temperature, the barbecue wok will automatically stop working.

Like different food at the same time barbecue, also can do different materials set different temperature, so that all ingredients to achieve the most reasonable baking curve.

Of course, in the process of trying the intellectualization, is also the process of the original barbecue process transformation. The implementation process of this "smart smokeless barbecue wok" made by the JJ team is almost entirely different from the barbecue we are impressed with, it first changes in the source of fire, using a smoke-free barbecue (no explanation, the house guest June guess should be electric energy transfer heat);