Fruits And Vegetables

- Sep 19, 2017-

Vegetables and melons can adjust the type of barbecue, so people will not feel too greasy.

This kind of food is most popular should be potatoes and corn, sweet potatoes, yam, taro, green vegetables are good choice.

These foods must be properly processed, potatoes should be peeled, sliced, yam selection of a smaller, taro choice of small, sweet potatoes are best peeled slices;

Especially recommended garlic, garlic baked out of unique taste, and garlic itself has a bactericidal effect, very suitable for field consumption.

Some fruits and nuts, such as apples, bananas and walnuts, can also be roasted to try and see if they like it.

It should be reminded that chestnut is easy to ' explode ' when baking, should be especially careful, it is best to cut a small mouth first.

Can buy some ready-made vegetable skewers.