Company Activity

- Nov 21, 2017-

  In order to promote communication between employees, enrich the staff of amateur activities, so that everyone in the busy work has the opportunity to contact the nature, pleasure and physical. In the afternoon, the company organized a staff outdoor barbecue activities, the company leaders and staff participated in the event.

     Two o'clock in the afternoon, everyone arrives at the destination on time. Leadership and staff interspersed seated, take barbecue tools, barbecue wok, barbecue skewers, barbecue accessories, moving grill, fire ... Watching the flaming charcoal burning, the whole scene suddenly boiling up. During the event, we exchanged our enthusiasm with each other, enhanced mutual understanding and understanding, and promoted the spirit of cooperation between departments and departments to shorten the distance between them.

     Especially during the period of fun activities, but also to the atmosphere of the event to push the climax, the staff's laughter is always accompanied by around. Let everyone ease the work pressure, but also edify sentiment.

     Through this activity, superiors and subordinates, the old staff and new employees rely on closer, even tighter, better cohesion of the team centripetal force, promote the company's harmonious growth of the corporate culture spirit.