Cleaning Electric Barbecue Rack

- Sep 19, 2017-

Indoor and outdoor electric barbecue racks have their real advantages (no fuel source!) ), but also their disadvantages (food loss of smoke smell). Luckily, the cleanliness of the electric grill is very simple.

Unplug the grill power. When you have finished grilling, turn off and unplug the power. Cool thoroughly before handling the surface.

Clean the oil remover. Most electric grills have a small cup that is used to fill the sauce and grease produced during the barbecue. The cup should be cleaned every time it is used.

Remove the cup according to the barbecue oven specification. Empty the contents.

Wash the oil remover with a dishwasher (if you can use a dishwasher), or bathe with a warm-soapy sailor.

Wipe。 Wipe off any excess grease or food with a tissue. Some styles are equipped with removable grill trays. These dishes can be washed by dishwashers or warm-soapy sailors.

View the Operation Manual of the product, understand all the functions and follow the written instructions,

Do not immerse the grill into the water. The original electrical equipment may be damaged in the water.

Wipe with a sponge. If you use a product that does not contain a removable grill tray, wash the grill tray with a sponge coated with soap. Be careful not to use an overly coarse scrubber because it can damage the non-stick surface of the grill.

Scrub with a rag. After wiping the sponge, remove all the grease residue with a damp rag and wash all soap bubbles. Dry the grill tray with a dry paper towel after completion.

Clean the outside of the grill. Remove oil from the outside of the grill with a sponge and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Grease generally splashes and accumulates in the upper and lower lid of the grill, so it is recommended that you clean these places every time you use them.

Follow all written instructions to properly protect and store electrical grills.