Barbecue Tools And Barbecue Methods

- Nov 17, 2017-

The market common barbecue stove has the apple stove, the long Fang, the light stove and so on. Apple furnace shape the most flattering, round the outline, the capacity of the large, general inside with two-layer cover network, can be used to stew and smoked, and have wheels and handles, easy to change the position in the barbecue process, to show the delicate and thoughtful master. But the Apple stove's shelf is not adjustable height, high or low is not easy to find a comfortable barbecue posture. Long Fang horizontal wide, convenient for several people to operate at the same time, create a happy atmosphere, the two sides stretched out of the wooden racks can also put some dishes and food, reduce traffic.



Barbecue tools, barbecue tongs and forks

First, these barbecue tools need to be cleaned and disinfected before they are used. The long brazing of the fish type and the top bifurcation is more practical and convenient, and absolutely satisfies the shape demand of from and chicken wings.

Outdoor Barbecue method

1, on the carbon network to spread a layer of charcoal and heap into a pyramid, pour into the alcohol and other combustion-supporting agent and let the charcoal fully absorbed, the time is about a minute, if the choice is flammable charcoal, there is no need to add any combustion agent. Ignite a prepared strip of paper and put it in the oven, and the charcoal begins to burn. If you are afraid to clean up the trouble can be under charcoal mat a piece of aluminum foil, but the combustion will be affected by certain.


2, when the charcoal began to burn, and accompanied by a small amount of black smoke. At this time add baskets, burning 10-15 minutes later, the open flame gradually decreased or disappeared, charcoal surface appears white gray-like objects, indicating that the ideal barbecue temperature has reached. At this time with charcoal fork will be evenly spread out, with the hand placed on the grill on the internet to test the temperature, the hand has a feeling of heat is good, then can be greeted with a fatty.

3. Processing of food

There are mainly burning, stewing, baking, frying and other ways, of which "burning" belongs to the open fire barbecue also known as direct barbecue, while the others are called indirect barbecue. Therefore, barbecue also need to master certain skills.

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