Barbecue Seasoning

- Sep 18, 2017-

Basic spices are: cumin powder, salt and pepper (can be used instead of salt), black pepper powder, chili powder, blending oil, sugar, but also according to personal preferences to choose different flavors of barbecue sauce.

Seasoning recommended small bottles of the series of spices, small bottles are very good to carry, a small hole inside the lid and easy to use, whether it is home or the wild is a good choice.

Blending oil is an indispensable barbecue, can make food easier to cook, while ensuring the freshness of food. It is best to use a good sealing performance of glass bottles, when used can be poured into the cup, with a little brush in the food brush system.

Sugar water in the barbecue can be excellent, increased taste. But the sugar after a long time to warm up easy to produce adverse to the body health of substances, and sugar is higher in calories, recommended less use, late use.

Barbecue sauce supermarket see not much, can be used with other sauces, such as hot sauce instead, if not afraid of trouble can be based on their own preferences.