Barbecue Process

- Sep 18, 2017-

The use of oil in the barbecue process is very important, just baked meat food first do not rush to brush oil, waiting for the food baked hot, after the tightening of oil, other food can be baked when the oil. Oil do not brush more, to brush after the oil is not the standard, baking process should try to avoid oil dripping barbecue stove.

When baking, you should be diligent in turning to prevent baking. The best use of long chopsticks, do not use hands to prevent burns. When you release food, be careful to have a little distance from the fast-baked foods to prevent contamination of cooked food.

The meat string is placed as far as possible to the middle of the stove, the process of roasting to change the position of the meat string to ensure that the whole string of meat cooked at the same time.

Chicken wings are very suitable for barbecue food, easy to cooked, and the fat content of the skin is high, eat very fragrant. When baking should pay attention to the big head is not easy to ripe, should put in the fire concentration place. Chicken is not easy to bake cooked, can be cut into small pieces, or baked cooked, taste the same delicious.

Direct roasting of corn is not easy to bake evenly and can be roasted already cooked. Fish clips are best used when grilling fish.

If you are using an Apple stove, you can enjoy the stew, baking and smoking in addition to baking. The burning charcoal is placed around the carbon disk, the lid can be stewed, large food, and vegetables are suitable for stewing, but to master the good time.

Pay attention to food hygiene, don't eat food without baking. Cooked food temperature is very high, eat carefully seared. Baked food is harmful to human body, do not eat.

When adding carbon, be careful to wait until the new carbon is completely burned and then barbecue, because the carbon in the incomplete combustion is easy to produce harmful gases, not conducive to health.

Different barbecue sauce suitable for different foods, sweet suitable for squid, cuttlefish, tomato paste for potato chips, carrot sauce is suitable for a lot of food list taste.