Barbecue Charcoal

- Sep 18, 2017-

The common carbon in the market is: flammable carbon, charcoal, mechanism carbon three kinds.

Flammable carbon in the outdoor supplies store is sold, with square and pie-shaped two.

Flammable carbon surface has a layer of flammable layer, compared to ordinary charcoal to ignite easily. The disadvantage is more expensive.

Ordinary charcoal advantage is cheap, the disadvantage is different size, barbecue fire uneven, burning time is short, baking process must be added carbon.

The mechanism of carbon is in fact a mixture of carbon and coal, compressed into a hollow polygon, from the carbon ash to see the composition of coal. This carbon is homogeneous, long burning time, uniform firepower, smokeless, inexpensive. Many professional barbecue shops choose this kind of carbon. The disadvantage is unfavorable to ignite. If only two or three people barbecue with this carbon, people eat full, carbon is not finished, unavoidably feel some waste.