What carbon is good for barbecue?

- Dec 12, 2017-

Mechanism Charcoal Introduction:


The mechanism of carbon, also known as man-made carbon, renewable carbon, smokeless clean charcoal, is made of wood crushed material extruded into carbon rods. Rods of raw materials from a wide range of rice husk, peanut shells, cotton shells, corn cob, corn poles, sorghum poles, etc. can be used as raw materials for the production of carbon rods, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo chips for the best. High density, calorific value, smokeless, tasteless, non-polluting, not explosive, flammable, is recognized in the international green environmental protection products.


Mechanism Carbon Characteristics:


1. Environmental protection: Do not cut down trees, the use of bamboo wood products waste production, treasure. The production of ordinary charcoal to cut down trees, destruction of ecological environment.


2. High energy: Fixed carbon content of about 80%, calorific value 7500-8000kcal/kg, while charcoal fixed carbon content is low, calorific value 6500kcal/kg about.


3. Clean and hygienic: Smokeless no carbon head, burning no spark, during the burning of ash natural fall does not float up, ash 3% or 6% or so after burning residual ash less, flammable.


4. Shape rules, reasonable structure, easy to use: a uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, conducive to combustion and use.


5. Water content is low, within 5%: ordinary charcoal water content is large.


6. This product does not contain chemical substances, non-toxic no smell, no pollution, long burning time and other advantages.


Disadvantages: Not easy to ignite, the price is slightly high.


Charcoal Introduction:


Charcoal is a wood or wood raw material through incomplete combustion, or in the condition of the isolation of the air to pyrolysis, residual dark brown or black porous solid fuel.


Charcoal features: Easy to ignite, cheap price.


Disadvantages: Easy to explode, not to burn, smoke when burning


As for the two kinds of carbon in the end kind of good? The author is also recommended to do barbecue friends buy mechanism carbon will be much better, the burning time is long not to say, the most important thing is that the carbon itself no smoke AH