The role of grilling skewers

- Nov 28, 2017-

Barbecue In addition to can eat delicious food, DIY production is also a great pleasure, but many beginners may find that the role of the grilling skewers is very important, either the fork in the grilling skewers food fell down, or the food scorched, it is not fun. The original barbecue fork food is skilled, as long as the wrong position, barbecue at any time may fall down.

Grilling skewers how to fork food barbecue will not fall down

Here's a demonstration of how a barbecue chef can fork steak, chicken wings, fish, shrimp and eel.

Chicken Wings

When the chicken wings, the edge of the chicken wings to the body direction, first pick the chicken skin fork into, and then pick the meat fork to the deepest, with such a method can fork 3 chicken wings, it is easy to bake skin crispy tender chicken wings, baked in the process of how to flip don't worry about falling


After the barbecue fork is narrowed, one side fork into the steak, then the other side fork into the other side of the steak, flip over the top of the steak. The baking process will not fall apart.

Multi-Spring fish

Fish directly on the barbecue fork baked, while baking incense (about 5 minutes), the skin of the grease will stick to the barbecue fork, and then flip, the fish will not fall down.


Shrimp head up, from the shrimp feet straight up to the shrimp head, one fork, shrimp head to the shrimp head. The roast is not too far away from the fire, because the shrimp from the fire will be sticky shell, should be near the fire and occasionally turn to burn, so roasted shrimp meat easy to leave the shell and shrimp crisp.