the cool and crisp barbecue wok are getting popular

- Nov 15, 2017-

Cool and crisp, leisure time about 35 friends and family, with fresh ingredients and refreshing beer, drink to enjoy the fun of DIY barbecue, many people outdoor activities are indispensable "program", which not only can reduce the pressure on the peacetime work, but also add spice to urban life. In recent days, the reporter visited the market to understand, outdoor barbecue popular, but also led the barbecue wok market.

Three main types of common ovens

In recent days, the reporter visited the city's North Loop, three Ring road, Xiping North Lu, Ganquanlu, Huan Cheng Road, such as many shopping malls, supermarkets and daily necessities stores, can see the shadow of barbecue wok many businesses have said that since the autumn more and more people choose Outdoor barbecue, barbecue wok sales gradually higher.

Reporter found in the visit, barbecue utensils according to its role of different main parts of the oven, baking and fuel three kinds. One of the common barbecue stoves on the market is divided into Apple stove, long Fang, portable furnace three kinds. The Apple Stove's round contour resembles Apple, which is usually separated by a two-layer hood, which can be used for stewing and fumigation, and wheels and handles for easy change of position during the barbecue. However, the Apple Stove's shelf is not adjustable height, a high or a short person is not easy to find a comfortable barbecue posture. Its price ranges from fifty or sixty yuan to two hundred or three hundred yuan.

Rectangular furnace As the name implies is the horizontal width of the oven, its two sides stretched out of the shelf can also put some dishes and food, convenient for several people at the same time operation, reduce traffic. The general price ranges from fifty or sixty yuan to one hundred or two hundred yuan.

Portable furnace quality is lighter, easy to clean, easy to disassemble, barbecue rack adjustable height, easy to control firepower. Camping whether to go to the forest, grassland or beach, the use is very convenient, can be folded into a briefcase with a handle shape in the trunk of the car, very save space, let the field barbecue more convenient. The general price ranges from fifty or sixty yuan to three hundred or four hundred yuan.

Various tools and Accessories

Reporter learned in the interview, grilled with the main points barbecue sign, barbecue brush, barbecue fork, barbecue folder, barbecue shovel and so on. Barbecue sign is an essential accessory for outdoor barbecue, which is used in tandem food to put on the oven. The barbecue sign is divided into iron or stainless steel, bamboo and wood. Iron or stainless steel barbecue sign after cleaning, drying, can be used repeatedly, it is suitable for large size and need a long time barbecue food, such as chicken wings, lamb, beef or pork, fish, and bamboo and wooden barbecue sign is more used in pasta and fruit and vegetable baking system, belong to a disposable product.

Barbecue Fork is the most commonly used barbecue kit, the only matching tool for old-fashioned barbecue. Barbecue clip function, can be used to flip food, and can be used to clip charcoal. Barbecue shovel is mainly used to flip large chunks of food, such as steak, pork chop, and so on, to help its heating evenly, so that the ingredients baked outside crisp, delicious juicy. Barbecue brush is mainly used to apply oil and barbecue seasoning evenly on the food surface, convenient cooking, is one of the essential accessories in the barbecue process.

Like other products, many manufacturers of barbecue tools have a number of sets of sales, its general include barbecue brush, barbecue fork, barbecue folder, barbecue shovel, and so on, save the trouble of choice, and more than the single buy more economical. Like a baked with a set of eight pieces, there are barbecue sign, barbecue brush, barbecue fork, barbecue folder, barbecue shovel, etc., each bag price of 44 yuan, economic benefits.

Barbecue charcoal has its own characteristics

The common carbon in the market is charcoal, mechanism carbon and flammable carbon three kinds. One of the common advantages of charcoal is cheap, eight yuan per kilogram, but the shortcomings are different size, barbecue fire uneven, burning time is short, the process of barbecue need to be added.

The mechanism carbon is formed by the mixture of carbon and coal to form a hollow polygon, and it can be seen from soot that it contains coal. This charcoal size uniformity, burning time long, fire evenly, smokeless, inexpensive, about 10 yuan per kilogram. Many professional barbecue shops choose this kind of charcoal, but the disadvantage is not easy to ignite.

Flammable carbon has square and cake-shaped two kinds, its surface has a layer of flammable layer, more easily than ordinary charcoal ignition, but the price is more expensive, about 12 yuan per kg. If you want to save money, you can use flammable carbon in the fire, after the fire is strong and then with a longer burning time of the mechanism of charcoal slowly barbecue can be.