Sichuan artists with 15,000 grilling skewers embedded Mayflower galleon

- Nov 24, 2017-

"It's so beautiful, so exquisite, it's hard to imagine." "Folk artists Yu Ai with a hand-made sailboat attracts a lot of attention. Surprisingly, the yacht was inlaid with more than 15,000 grilling skewers.


Yu Ai built grilling skewers ature "Mayflower" yacht length 99 centimeters, width 23 centimeters, height 82 centimeters. Small, equipped. The ship is divided into three floors, the bottom cabin, the middle cabin, the rear, and each cabin has several hollowed windows. The base cabin has 8 turrets, between the cabin and the cabin, and is connected by the staircase. The front mast, the main mast, the middle mast, the rear mast, a lot of them, all with barbecue bamboo sticks made of rope fixed. There is a watchtower above the main and middle masts. The ship had six sails full of wind, on the two-storey deck, and a lifeboat.


"The raw material for this ship is a grilling skewers and 502 glue, and even the sails and ropes are soft things, and I do it with a barbecue." Yu Ai told reporters, grilling skewers boat, simply say, is the grilling skewers glue together. It sounds simple, and it's not so easy to do.


Yu Ai said that in the process of production, there is a lot of detail to note that each step requires careful and patient, the most memorable Yu Ai memory is the production of Hull artillery system. "The beginning is to want to reserve, but do not find the time to do it, only then open the hole." Yu Ai said that the hole is the most difficult part of the ship's production process, if the strength of a little larger, the whole ship will collapse. He had not been able to find the right tool at the beginning of the opening, so he never succeeded. Later, he bought a knife, a bit of carving, and finally succeeded in opening the hole.


In addition to the construction of the hull structure, "Mayflower" on the rope used to tie the sail is also chosen to use a grilling skewers instead. "Every root needs to be careful and it takes about half an hour to make one." Yu Ai said, in order to complete this "Mayflower", the rest of the total spent 38 days of resting time, costing more than 15,000 toothpicks, more than 50 bottles 502 glue, 7 sheets of sandpaper.