Selection of barbecue brushes

- Dec 11, 2017-

I. Paint brushes (NO)

These things in the production process in order to stereotypes and mildew have been immersed in chemical substances, to use the words must be used to soak a few times before the use of boiled water, some may not be all clean, because some chemical substances are insoluble in water

2. Silicone Brush (YES)

For silicone brush, the main feature is the health and environmental protection, will not lose hair, but the market on the inferior silicone brush too much, can not withstand the high temperature, so that the production of toxic chemicals, so choose food-grade is very important oh!


3. Barbecue Pig Hair brush (YES)

Pig brush is the most common type of barbecue brush in the present, it is the bristle itself is relatively high temperature resistance, and will not produce toxic substances. But the disadvantage is easy to lose hair, this also in the brush production process of good and bad points.