Outdoor Barbecuet tool set

- Nov 21, 2017-

Daily work so busy, leisure time may as well about 35 friends and family, bring fresh ingredients and refreshing beer to the outdoor barbecue. In pleasant natural scenery, chat drink, enjoy BBQ fun. Not only to reduce the peacetime work of the hard, but also to add spice to urban life. BBQ culture in Europe and theUnited Statesis very popular, with convenient barbecue utensils, can be in their own courtyard and the field of baking a variety of food.


1. Barbecue Stove Grill

Barbecue stove is a kind of barbecue equipment, can be used to make vegetables skewers, kebabs, barbecue and so on


2.Grilling skewers

Grilling skewers is an essential accessory for outdoor barbecue, which is used in series to put food in the oven. Barbecue signature can be iron, bamboo and wood, etc.

3. Barbecue tool sets (generally including grilling brush, barbecue fork, barbecue folder, barbecue shovel, etc.)


Grilling brushes are mainly used to spread oil and barbecue seasoning evenly on the surface of food, easy to cook. Barbecue fork, barbecue clip and barbecue shovel can assist fork up, clip and flip the barbecue stove and grill food, help its heating evenly, make the ingredients baked outside crisp, delicious juicy. These several barbecue tools are necessary for outdoor barbecue, there is no need to buy separately, many businesses in the market will they form a set of sales, a direct start, very convenient.