It's important to separate raw and cooked food.

- Sep 19, 2017-

If the raw food and cooked meat, chicken, sausages, soy products, cakes, steamed bread and other cooked food mixed together, because of raw and cooked food contact, raw food bacteria, viruses and parasites eggs will contaminate cooked food, produce cross-contamination, food can easily cause food poisoning or cause chronic disease.

After processing, the cooked food basically kills bacteria and parasite eggs.

If in processing, the storage process does not pay attention to separate them, such as cutting raw food with the knife to cut cooked food, the container used for raw food without washing and disinfection on the cooked food, will make cooked food by raw food bacteria, parasitic eggs again pollution.

In addition, when buying vegetables, often cooked food is not tightly packaged, isolated, mixed in a basket or bag. These practices will result in cross-contamination of cooked food and harm to human health.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the health of raw and cooked food.