How to use a barbecue fork

- Sep 19, 2017-

1, the box-type fork bracket is placed in the oven, from the top down the second layer, with the concave groove outward, the fork of the tip of the head inserted into the back of the hole, There is also a hole (motor hole), inserted into the motor hole, gently rotate the rod and hole to fit well, not crooked, or the fork can not rotate, and then put the handle on the end of the groove in the Groove can be.

2. Remove the handle, select any baking mode, boot test the fork is installed, if there is no rotation is not installed, the rotation is installed well. (Warm hint: because the oven temperature is high, the plastic handle can not bake, wait for the bake fork use finished, then put the handle on the grill fork, easy to pick, not hot).

3, the use of the fork, the grilled fork of the end of the Iron fork, the whole chicken or the whole duck fork directly into the grill, and then put the Iron fork, with the Iron Fork at both ends can be fixed.

4, after the use of grilled fork, cleaning is particularly convenient, as long as a towel to wipe it.