How to choose a pizza tool for you

- Dec 02, 2017-

How to make the finished pizza in a preheated oven? How to control the baking process? How to remove the baked pizza is better? I believe many people's first reaction is the pizza stone set.


Someone may also ask: Why do we need a pizza stone set? To bake out a better, crispy pizza, we first need to bring the finished pizza to a preheated oven. The pizza stone set is the pizza is complete, an important instrument of success into the oven.

What is a pizza stone set? It is actually used in pizza parlors, bakery and other baking establishments, flat pizza stone sets can be used to store and pick up pizza. Generally from the material point of view, there will be a distinction between wood and metal. The distinction between the length of the handle, there will be long-handled and short-handled points.

Then we should use wooden pizza stone set to carry, or use metal material? How much is the length of the handle more appropriate? How many pizza stone sets should I buy for a pizza restaurant? As a competent pizza shop owner, in the purchase of kitchen equipment and equipment, have you considered this issue?



The first choice of pizza stone set head material is wood, which is the best material to effectively prevent the pizza dough from sticking to the spade.

Wood-colored wooden pizza stone sets look more comfortable, more natural and more appealing.

If used scientifically, stored and maintained, the useful life is still considerable.

Do not let the dough stay on the pizza spatula for too long. Prolonged exposure will result in sticky, if sticky, gently lift one end of the dough and blow a little air below. For hygienic purposes, a squeeze bottle may be used to blow air.

When using wooden pizza spatula, in order to pizza better into the oven, you can sprinkle flour or corn flour, rice noodles, etc., to reduce friction, prevent sticky, so that slipping easier.


Among the choices for wood, birch is a good choice because it has a finer texture, a harder texture and a smoother surface, making it a good choice for sending dough into the oven.

Aluminum is the most popular metal pizza spatula material, it is easy to clean, durable, easy to use, smooth operation, no special maintenance, and will not remain stains and odors.

In addition to the metallic pizza spatula made of aluminum, the more common metal on the market is stainless steel, which is thicker and stronger, so it can be used to spin and remove deep pizza Dish pizza.