Four principles of health barbecue

- Nov 25, 2017-

Barbecue to eat healthy, the first step of course, to understand the choice of food. And many people barbecue the most love chicken wings, but a chicken whole wing, already has 150 calories, a barbecue, four only five stops, this has already ingested 600 calories, is equal to two big bowls of rice, want to taste the roast chicken fragrance, may wish to choose the fowl to chop or the chicken willow, may be the better substitute product.

As for the barbecue "head plate", we naturally associate with the fast and convenient intestinal Tsai, but don't underestimate this lad, an ordinary chicken intestines, calories have 90 calories, and in recent years more popular cheese sausage, a small number of more than 115 calories, in fact, the reason for the heat of the intestines are all the fat and internal organs, At the same time, artificial pigment strength, is really less to eat more flavor. To taste fast and "lightweight" the head plate, you may choose to eat meatballs food, although the salt of the meatballs is high, but always better than intestinal health. But when buying, not deep-fried fish balls or cattle pill is a better choice, should not choose cuttlefish pill or gong pill, the first two 10 tablets only 100 calories, but the latter two have 150 calories.

The chicken wing is very high in calories and should be replaced with chicken chop or chicken fillet.

Honey has 65 calories per spoonful.

Principle 2

Beware of sweet traps.

Barbecue, want to add delicious food, a lot of people love to put on the barbecue food coated honey, sometimes buy two bottles of honey is not enough. Because some people love the sweet taste, honey added over and over again, but did not expect a tablespoon of honey has 65 calories, greatly increased the intake of calories! In fact, want to add food flavor, and want to health point, nutritionists suggest that you have to paint a honey is enough, then may choose black pepper powder, mustard and other natural condiments, To increase the taste of food.

Principle 3

Use "Protective cover"

To tell the bottom, it's unhealthy to barbecue food, because the meat at high temperature directly burning, the decomposed fat drops on the carbon, and then with the meat protein combination, will produce a kind of called benzene and pyrene carcinogenic substance, have the opportunity to adhere to food, it is recommended that you only part of the food barbecue, and the other can try " Anti-Traditional "method, the food will be wrapped in tin foil before heating, will be able to significantly reduce the chance of cancer.

In addition, knives and forks, scissors and so on is also an important "Assistant" BBQ. Barbecue, 35 bosom friend side idle poke, side barbecue, one not beware, half a sausage charred, charred part contains carcinogens, can not put into the belly, but do not want to waste, you could use scissors to cut to scorch part. At the same time, scissors can also be used to cut the fat cream of food, killing each other.

It is also healthy to heat and reduce the production of carcinogenic substances by wrapping the vegetables in foil.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, but also easy to fill belly, is also the choice of barbecue health.

Principle 4

Food diversity

Barbecue is not necessarily meat, grain, vegetables burning the same taste. Five cereals health barbecue first choice, of course, is to burn corn, its not only Golden delicious, but also easy to full belly. In addition, sweet potato is also a good choice, rich in cellulose, good intestinal dirty. And hot, crisp pok bag, easy entrance, but avoid adding a lot of honey!

As for the ready-made barbecue bags, the meat, many contain a large amount of pickled material, it is best to prepare their own, with natural seasonings, such as fresh onions, garlic, chili peppers, health and taste of the United States. Choose meat, you may choose to eat seafood, including crabs, shrimp, belts, fish, etc., cooking methods can be put into the tin of seafood, cooked after adding a small amount of soy oil, that is delicious very. and can burn vegetables, choose especially, the preferred lantern pepper, the other broccoli, tomatoes, golden mushrooms is also good, with tinfoil bag any sliced vegetables, put into the barbecue oven bake 3-5 minutes, then edible.