Cleaning Barbecue Purifier

- Sep 19, 2017-

1, put two old towels on the bottom of the bathtub, which is an important step-avoid the grill or the tub, and then place the grill flat on the towel. Add hot water to the bathtub to immerse it in the barbecue grill.

2, add a half a cup of detergent, and then stir a little bit, let the detergent disperse. If it is a powder, stir it to completely dissolve. Just sit still and soak the grill for a few hours, even overnight.

3, after soaking, barbecue racks of dirt are loose, this time with a brush or sponge to scrub, it is quite simple.

4, after the scrub, rinse thoroughly clean with water, and dry drying, you can use.