Chemical properties of Silicone products

- Sep 19, 2017-

1. Heat loss Rate

(1) Standard: A. ≤ 0.2% (after 200℃/4hrs heating weightlessness)

b. ≤ 1% (after 200℃/24hrs heating weightlessness)

(2) test method: Put the product in the oven for 30 minutes, then take out, use the analytical balance to weigh the product before the test, W1 will put the product into the temperature of 200+/-5℃ oven baking 4 hours or 24 hours, and then put the product into a dry box placed in 30 minutes after the analysis of weighing the weight of the W2, Calculates (W1-W2) the value of the/w1*100℅.

2. Extraction rate of weightlessness

(1) Standard: ≤ 3.5%

(2) test method: Select some representative keys, cut about 0.5g sample, then cut it into 0.005-0.01g of small particles, with the analysis of the balance of the accuracy of the total weight of the W1, the sample in the extraction device and add the Isopropanol (IPA) for 2 hours, Then take out the sample and then put the temperature of 100 ℃ oven baking for half an hour, after the removal into the dry box cooling for half an hour said its accurate total weight W2, calculate (W1-W2)/w1*100℅ value.

3. Low molecular content

(1) Standard: d3-d10≤300ppm

(2) test method: Select a representative key 1.00+/-0.002g sample, cut it into small particles about 2mm, put in the vial, then the 20ML CCL4 solution into the vial, add the 20UL of the internal standard (CH3 CH2 9ch3, shake to store 16-24hrs, The amount of D3-D10 was measured by chromatograph Analyzer.