Barbecue tools

- Sep 18, 2017-

There are many kinds of barbecue stove in the market, such as apple stove, light stove and so on.

Recommend a rectangular light stove. The advantage of the furnace is that the grill can be adjustable and easy to control vitality. The downside is that you can't stew and smoke like an apple stove.

But the shelf of the Apple stove is not adjustable height. The situation of other stoves and how to use them can be consulted by the merchant.

brazing, fish clips and knives are also common barbecue tools, choose to be easy to clean and disinfect.

Dishes, chopsticks, toothpicks are necessary, especially toothpicks, the use of a large, can be fixed cuttlefish, such as easy to curl food, but also can replace chopsticks as a tool to take food.

Prepare a few dishes to put food, raw, cooked to separate.

Brazing, knives and nets should be cleaned before grilling.