Barbecue Network classification

- Sep 19, 2017-

Disposable Barbecue Net

A, barbecue grill net

Form: Wrapping Edge (Central is galvanized woven net, edge with tinplate package);

Features: Smooth edges, no strokes.

Round table-shaped barbecue net, round table barbecue net barbecue "ball"-shaped food, do not roll, convenient for guests to use.

B, Welded Barbecue Network

form: wire mesh welded to wire frame, then galvanized.

Features: Large size (90x60cm, 80x50cm,/, 45x30cm, 30x30cm)

Surface treatment: Chromium plating, galvanized, nickel and so on.

Second, stainless steel barbecue network

Stainless steel Barbecue NET is stainless steel wire mesh welding on the stainless steel frame, after polishing treatment, can achieve mirror effect.

Stainless Steel Barbecue network features: coarse wire diameter, barbecue not deformed;

Japanese barbecue Net

Japanese barbecue Network According to the use of the method is divided into disposable barbecue nets and repeated use of stainless steel barbecue nets, the shape of round and square, round barbecue net and flat and arched.

Korea Barbecue Net

Korea Barbecue NET Korea Barbecue network is mainly barbed wire welded to the wire frame, and then galvanized barbecue net. Some barbecue mesh with handle. There are some Korean consumers using galvanized barbed wire, after cutting the wire mesh, the edge of no other processing.