Barbecue history Trace

- Dec 14, 2017-

Barbecue (grilled directly on fire) The English name is barbecue (commonly known as BBQ), probably from the Caribbean Sea. Once the French came to the Caribbean, on the island will be the entire slaughtered sheep from the beard [2] to the butt (de la barbe au cul) on the grill cooked after eating, this food abbreviation barbe-cul (French cul words at the end of the "L" do not sound), to become barbecue this word, More because of cue and English letter Q homonym, it became barbeque, later more abbreviated as BBQ. In the Public service field, the English translation and writing Code of public Service has been officially implemented since December 1, 2017, and the barbecue is translated into grill (roasted in the pan) or barbecue (grilled directly on the fire) [1].

As the meat is baked, it produces smoke and the common barbecue is outdoors. But many restaurants have also developed indoor barbecue dining style, in Asia such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in China, called Barbecue butcher shop, that is, in front of each seat in the room is built in the table in the barbecue grill or baking tray, put on charcoal or with a gas stove and electric oven, rack or bar rack, A baking pan or oven that allows consumers to cook raw or raw food by themselves. Although mainly refers to roast meat, but today can bake a variety of ingredients, can be said to be any food ingredients including vegetables, fruits, etc. can be baked, the common Asian also tofu, mushrooms, green peppers are common barbecue.


In Chinese food, there is a kind of burning flavor, including: Roast goose, soy chicken, roast meat, barbecued pork and so on, is not the diners themselves to burn ready-to-eat class of barbecue, but English is also called BBQ. The Chinese diet and cooking have gone through four stages of development: fire, stone, water, cooking. Fire cooking is the most primitive method of cooking. The most primitive way to cook fire is to burn and bake. There are two kinds of explanations: one is to make things burning, such as fire, firewood, and so on, the other is to heat and change things, such as boiling water and burning charcoal. The second layer means a deep primer, a cooking burn. Barbecue contains: smoked, baked, branded. Barbecue is an important part of the barbecue. Archaeological experts in the southern Lunan Linyi  City of the village unearthed in the late Han Dynasty portrait stone remnant tomb found two sides carved with kebab stone, after the study found that these two pictures of the characters are Han, they roast kebabs are beef kebab. These two kitchen graphs reflect the southern Shandong folk Diet custom 1800 years ago.


During the Neolithic period to pre-Qin Dynasty, roast was the same as roasting, burnt and burnt. With the progress of cooking, although there is a water cooking, oil cooking method, but the baking method has not disappeared, there are many tricks. Development so far, has been a white roast, mud roast, paste baked, skewers grilled, red roast, pickled, crisp baking, hanging paste roast, face roast, fork roast, hook hanging roast, grate roast, ming stove roast, dark stove, wok roast, oven roast, bamboo tube roast, bonfire roast and so on a variety of baking methods, showing the delicious barbecue, for people is a great temptation and attractiveness.

Many cities in the country have their own unique barbecue way, baking plate, iron plate, steel, long-shaped furnace, most are charcoal, different areas of carbon is not the same. On the taste of the northern barbecue more exquisite, ingredients, pickling, stirring, are very much said. For example, specifically for the barbecue to mix the dip, and mixed with meat to put cumin, are very special