Barbecue culture origin

- Dec 15, 2017-

Fuxi is the representative of Chinese civilization "Huang First", "Zi" in the "from Xi agriculture, to the Yellow Emperor, the Huang according to the world." The spirit of creation is Fuxi culture. In the ancient times, there were many fishes in the river, in the lake, in the sea, there were many birds in the sky, and there were many beasts on the ground. People are holding a trunk at the water's edge, watching the fish swim over to play a stick, in this way occasionally to catch a few fish. Fuxi will be wild hemp, drying into a rope, and then with a small number of ropes into the net, teach people to fish, with a thick rope woven nets, teach people to catch birds and animals. This is much better than eating the fruit of a tree, but raw fish raw bird taste is not good, serious is some bad, eat also make stomach sick. When Fuxi took the fire, they taught them to cook the birds and fish. Since then, people eat delicious barbecue, the body is healthier. In order to commemorate Fuxi, people called him "erythrodermic sacrifice" that is "the first person to roast meat cooked with fire."


How can modern people solve the problem of eating if they are in nature and have no other cooking utensils but only fire and raw food? Probably had to take a more primitive approach. This is not the recollection and the reappearance, but the real effort. The pleasure of getting food at the picnic, while allowing people to think about their ancestors ' arduous explorations in the history of food and culture, gives a heartfelt admiration for the ingenuity of their ancestors.


The barbecue has the cultural attribute, it contains the substance of the original flavor and vulgar instant effect on the habitual diet of the rebellion, it is the other side of the human ancestor in the hunting and fishing era of the dietary memory symbol identification. Today, there is nothing more than a barbecue to entice a childhood or an adult that contains a childhood complex. In fact barbecue in the past time for humans has been a form and taste of temptation. Has entered a multiple value of the barbecue era, in the Yellow River through the land, barbecue from the realism, with a progressive attitude to expand its cultural and economic boundaries. Barbecue business mode, also in the direction of three degrees, the first is still to maintain the street barbecue, the second is the hotel-style intensive barbecue, the third is the donkey friends are favorite outdoor barbecue. The "opposition spirit" always contains the wild and romantic times of hunting and fishing, in the continuous extension of the Bonfire roast and eat the scene, emitting a seductive fragrance and happy atmosphere is irresistible.