- Sep 18, 2017-

Barbecue tools According to the different methods there are many kinds of open flame roast, charcoal roast, oven roast, mud burning, bamboo roast, teppanyaki, stone burning, stone rice is the category of barbecue.

In the film and television play often can see a stick in a chicken or a rabbit in a bonfire baked to roast to the scene, is to belong to an open fire.

Some wild survival books often referred to this baking method, in fact, this baking method is not worth recommending, for the average person is not suitable for fire barbecue fire, and open fire barbecue is more likely to produce harmful substances to the human body.

At the same time in the field of fire to the environment is more dangerous, very unsafe, it is recommended not to try open flames barbecue.

Several kinds of barbecue way to compare only charcoal fire easy to operate, easy to control, the least harm to the environment, can roast the most rich types of food, suggest that everyone in the field barbecue with charcoal.