2018 China International Barbecue Industry Exhibition

- Nov 23, 2017-

China Barbecue Industry Authority docking platform barbecue industry chain-wide exchange of the event 2018 World Barbecue Industry exchange and cooperation stage

China International Barbecue Exhibition, April 2017 12-14th in Beijing China International Exhibition Center successfully held, the exhibition attracted more than 100 barbecue equipment, supplies, food and fume purification enterprises to participate in environmental protection. During the exhibition, a total of more than 50,000 people visited the exhibition, through a questionnaire survey, 90% enterprises to show satisfaction with the results. Summing up the experience, the CBE-2018 is scheduled to be held in April 2018 19-21st at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center, which will build an authoritative exchange and cooperation platform for the barbecue industry development. Barbecue exhibition and food, catering, the exhibition was held in the same period, the estimated scale of 10,000 square meters, the audience exceeded 50,000 people. Is the barbecue equipment, supplies, barbecue manufacturers to show the style of the big stage, but also barbecue enthusiasts paradise. The exhibition will actively organize South Korea, the United States, Europe and other barbecue developed regions organized exhibitors, for domestic and foreign barbecue industry to create an authoritative display exchange platform

"Exhibition Scope"

Barbecue Equipment Supplies: All kinds of barbecue equipment: oven, grill (coal, natural gas, electronics, solar energy, etc.), string bar, barbecue, rinse string equipment supplies, ovens, grilling accessories and vehicles, protective equipment, cleaning disinfection appliances, heat-resistant paint, instrument tools, etc. teppanyaki barbecue, hot pot barbecue equipment, barbecue with a variety of burning, barbecue charcoal Barbecue energy-saving environmental products promotion, large and medium-sized barbecue shop solutions, barbecue projects.

Ingredients and barbecue materials: all kinds of barbecue raw materials, beef and mutton and poultry raw materials, barbecue products, semi-finished products, frozen conditioning food, seafood; ingredients, spices, barbecue oil, food additives; Barbecue related equipment supplies: cooking equipment, kitchen facilities, portable refrigerators and incubators; picnic utensils Food processing equipment-packaging equipment-frozen equipment, barbecue tables and chairs, lighting equipment, barbecue fume purification and other environmental technologies.

Barbecue appliances, barbecue culture and services: all kinds of household barbecue appliances and brand barbecue appliances, barbecue name shop, baked goods chain franchise, fast food chain enterprises and services. Cashier. Ordering system class, restaurant decoration and other related industries. Barbecue culture: Regional characteristics Barbecue Culture recommendation, barbecue entertainment, barbecue tourism projects recommended.


1, exhibitors please fill out the "Exhibitor receipt form" and stamped with the official seal, send or fax to the organizing committee. And within 5th of the exhibition fee will be remitted to the organizing Committee designated account. The booth allocation is arranged in the order of payment, and the amount is full.

2, all exhibitors must be in China to obtain the legal right to operate the manufacturer, no units and individuals may not bring fake products to enter the exhibition, otherwise the organizing committee has the power to cancel the qualification of exhibitors.