2017 Fifth annual Shanghai International Barbecue Industry Exhibition

- Dec 04, 2017-

2017 Fifth annual Shanghai International Barbecue Industry Exhibition

Time: October 25, 2017-27th venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

2017 the fifth session of the Shanghai International Barbecue Industry Fair Abbreviation (Shanghai Barbecue Exhibition) to "Leisure, health, safety, food still" as the theme, scheduled for October 2017 25-27th in the Shanghai New International Expo Center ceremoniously held. The scale of 60,000 square meters, the audience exceeded 100,000 people. Is the barbecue equipment, supplies, barbecue manufacturers to show the style of the big stage, but also barbecue enthusiasts paradise. Will attract South Korea, the United States, Europe barbecue developed regions organized exhibitors, the exhibition is the National barbecue industry Exchange event, is also the world barbecue industry chain of the whole event.

1 Barbecue Equipment Supplies:

2 Kinds of barbecue equipment: ovens, grills (coal, natural gas, electronics, solar energy, etc., string bar, barbecue, rinse string equipment supplies, ovens, barbecue accessories and vehicles, protective equipment, cleaning disinfection appliances, heat-resistant paint, instrument tools, etc. teppanyaki barbecue, hot pot barbecue equipment, barbecue with a variety of burning, barbecue charcoal; Barbecue energy-saving environmental products recommend large and medium-sized barbecue shop solutions, barbecue projects.

3 Ingredients and barbecue materials: all kinds of barbecue raw materials, beef and mutton and poultry raw materials, barbecue products, semi-finished products, frozen conditioning food, seafood; Ingredients, condiments, barbecue oil, food additives;

4 Barbecue related equipment supplies: cooking equipment, kitchen facilities, portable refrigerators and incubators, environmental protection tableware and cutlery and tents, such as picnic utensils; food processing equipment-packaging equipment-frozen equipment, barbecue tables and chairs, lighting equipment, barbecue fume purification and other environmental technologies.

5 Barbecue appliances: All kinds of household barbecue appliances and brand barbecue home appliances selection Barbecue service: Barbecue name shop, baked goods chain franchise, fast food chain enterprises and services. Cashier. Ordering system class, restaurant decoration and other related industries