Wok Platinum Prestige Stainless Steel Wok Topper

Item No: 0502401

Product Details

Item No: 0502401


● SPECIAL DESIGN: stainless steel with mesh design. Perfect sidekick to your grill. Raised edges keep food inside the basket and holes allow heat and smoke to pass through and cook your food.

● GRILL VEGGIES & FISH: Perfect for fry & grilling fish, seafood, veggies & fruits without losing it through the grates!

● EASY TO CARRY: Handles let you easily transport it to and from the grill. WARNING: Grill basket will be hot on the grill! Need to handle with grilling mitts.

● EASY TO CLEAN: Nonstick with spray of oil before cooking. Then put it in the dishwasher, or you can wash by hand.